Recipe of the Night: Sweet potatoes with roasted grapes, honey, and goat cheese

I think I found this recipe by searching for things to do with goat cheese. Goat cheese is one of those items that we buy in big logs whenever it’s on sale, or whenever a recipe calls for even a small amount, and I always have really good intentions of using it up. Then, a few weeks later, I end up scraping a moldy log into the trashcan. So, after using half of it to make an uninspiring vegetarian lasagna the other night, I decided to be vigilant and find a good home for the rest of it.

That home, it turned out, was on a sweet potato.

sweet potato

If you want cute photos, visit the original site. This just serves as proof that I made it.

I microwaved my sweet potatoes instead of baking because it’s summer. A very large one took 8.5 minutes; regular-sized potato took 5-6, and baby potato took 3-4. Next time, I’ll be sure to leave one side (the bottom) unpierced to make these better shells. I used regular canola oil because I have neither the time, patience, or funding to stock grapeseed oil and my high-heat avocado oil seemed inappropriate to the task. Everything else was in proportion, and this wound up taking about 30 minutes total to prepare, though that was all pretty much hands-on time (nuking potatoes at the same time the grapes roasted). The grapes took a little less time than advertised, and I eventually had to turn the heat down to keep them from burning.


Everybody liked this for different reasons. I liked it because, well, it’s like eating dessert for dinner. C liked it because he said the tangy goat cheese with the grapes was unexpectedly good. Our two-year-old liked it because the mix inside the potato ends up feeling like Play-Dough that can easily be smashed and thrown on the floor, to great effect (parent exclamations).

This ended up not being as messy as I’d feared. Anytime honey gets involved, it gets dicey in my kitchen, but because this is just poured into a recipe it worked out fine. The pan I roasted the grapes in, however, is a total disaster area.

I’m curious about whether cream cheese could fill most of the functions here in the future. The goat cheese broken up on top could be replaced with something else tangy/salty, like a dollop of sour cream. That would make these an even easier/cheaper dish with very common ingredients, and a good way to use up leftover grapes.

So, we’d do it again. Yay!

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