Quickly: Quick Bread #1/50

Having almost nothing to do with anything else that I usually write about, I was given (and enjoy) a Food magazine subscription two years ago. In every issue, there’s a little booklet that gives you 50 variations on some food or recipe. For instance, they’ve done 50 Burgers, 50 Potato Salads (a favorite), 50 popcorns, etc. This month, they had 50 Quick Breads.

Now, I like quick bread. It’s quick. It’s bread. It’s also, traditionally, either banana or pumpkin, with various mix-ins, at my house. So I was happy to see this little booklet, and I think it may be the one I finally use completely.

The first one I made, on pretty much the day I got the magazine, was Earl Grey Tea bread (No. 31). It’s a variation on their basic vanilla bread that uses strong Earl Grey as the main liquid and is supposed to have a tea-and-honey glaze. Sounds good, right?

This bread was… meh. My tea-and-honey glaze never set up, so it just soaked into the finished bread. I think I didn’t make my tea strong enough, either, as the flavor didn’t much come through. Next time, I’d try at least two tea bags/two teaspoons of tea per boiling cup, and I might brew the tea well in advance (I admit, I did it as part of the cooking process).

But hey, good idea.

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2 Responses to Quickly: Quick Bread #1/50

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