Quickly: Quick Bread #3 and #4/50

I fell behind on writing about this, but I haven’t fallen behind in actually making quick breads. The winter break from school and some food donation boxes required me to try 4 new recipes, 2 of which came from this handout.

I made most of these in 5x8x3 pans and got four mini breads from each recipe.

#3: Baked Apple (#2 in the 50 list). 

This bread asks for 3/4 cup of applesauce and 1/4 cup of apple butter. However, what I had on hand was cups and cups of apple butter (and pear butter), so I just replaced the whole amount with apple butter or pear butter, and I cut out the pumpkin pie spice. It was great! The bread is sweet and the outside gets a little bit crunchy — not actually crunchy, but it has a sugar-caramelized darkness to it. The rum-soaked raisins are good, too, but if you’re a real raisin lover, either chop your raisins small to get some in each bite or double the raisins.

I made this twice with an unsweetened version of pear butter, and it was very good, so I don’t think having a sweet sauce to add is really necessary. You do still add a significant amount of sugar in the batter, so I think using a less-sugared apple or pear butter will make for a better bread.

#4: Chocolate Peanut Butter bread (#19/50)

This is also very good. That’s saying something; I think chocolate muffins in general are weak in the chocolate department, depending on chocolate chips to lend flavor. This bread does pretty well on its own (though the chocolate chips do help). The chocolate bread recipe overall is solid; the sour cream makes the bread moist and smoother than the other recipes, more cake-like. I don’t know what else to say about this other than we’d love to eat it almost all the time so I can never make it again. Ha!

This would be great for kids and great in muffins (assuming no one has a peanut allergy). The only peanut butter chips my store had were the Reese’s brand, so it really tasted candy-like. Oh! I forgot the peanuts on top, but they’d be a nice salty accompaniment if you like peanuts.

The other two breads I made came from my mother (her banana bread recipe is great) and the Kitchn, which has an excellent buttermilk quick bread recipe. Maybe I’ll post those as an interstitial before the next round of Food Network candidates.

But: Up next, Chocolate Stout Quick Bread!

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