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Quickly: Quick Bread #2/50

I had to take something for an informal lunch-time potluck. I wanted to bake because I’d had a bad day. I also didn’t want to pile on to the sweet-overload I knew awaited us all at this meeting (because everyone … Continue reading

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Quickly: Quick Bread #1/50

Having almost nothing to do with anything else that I usually write about, I was given (and enjoy) a Food magazine subscription two years ago. In every issue, there’s a little booklet that gives you 50 variations on some food … Continue reading

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No knead green olive baguettes

This weekend I discovered that you can grind your own whole wheat flour at our grocery store. Combine that with last weekend’s discovery off the tastiness of these vegan no-knead baguettes and you can imagine how strangely yeasty and righteous … Continue reading

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Tuesday Night Food: Tuna Pasta for A Vegetarian

I’m a vegetarian. I’ve been a vegetarian for something like 6 years now. Every once-in-a-while, though, I fall off the vegetarian wagon and onto a fish sandwich. It turns out, fried halibut isn’t such a bad place to land. Sure, … Continue reading

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Seeing is Believing: Ginormous Pancake Saturday

Today we went for breakfast at a diner we’d never tried before. The review for said diner promised “manhole cover-sized pancakes.” The group’s consensus (OK, mostly between R and I) was that this could not possibly be true, but that … Continue reading

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This Week in Cooking: My Silver Spoon Crush

I have a total cookbook crush on The Silver Spoon: Pasta. It’s a $40 cookbook, translated from the original Italian, in which every recipe involves pasta. Because it is $40, I love it from afar, often stopping to pet it … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review – Reviewing the Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges –

I know the New York Times has had a new restaurant reviewer for a while now, Frank Bruni having taken his leave with an interesting memoir about his journey from eating disorder to dining critic. I admit I didn’t pay … Continue reading

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Mark Bittman’s Pad Thai: Disaster

Last week, Mark Bittman posted a recipe at the New York Times for Pad Thai, called “Pad Thai Doesn’t Have to Be Takeout.” It was supposed to make a complex dish sound easy, and to some extent it succeeded — … Continue reading

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Starbucks Gets New Ginormo Sized-Drink, Jenn Approves

Flickr User: Rudolph Schuba/CC license 2.0 Starbucks is currently test-marketing a 31-ounce drink, which in Starbucks Size Code will be called “Trenta.” This would provide a full 11 ounces more per cup than the largest size now (my friend “Venti”). … Continue reading

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The Vegan Goods

Every time I travel to Kansas, I satisfy a few strange Midwestern food itches (homemade zwieback, the antithesis of homemade Italian at Fazoli’s, chili con queso at Carlos O’Kelleys, etc.) and come back to Oregon with a few specific cravings … Continue reading

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