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Seeing is Believing: Ginormous Pancake Saturday

Today we went for breakfast at a diner we’d never tried before. The review for said diner promised “manhole cover-sized pancakes.” The group’s consensus (OK, mostly between R and I) was that this could not possibly be true, but that … Continue reading

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OPB pledge drive: Now hitting you everywhere

I thought I’d post a reminder of the OPB Pledge Drive, so that the up to two people who read my blog here, both of whom may be in Oregon, can feel absolutely surrounded. It’s pledge drive week! Donate if … Continue reading

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Sleepy endorsement

I bought new sheets.  Is this a weird thing to blog about?  Maybe, but I love them.  LOVE them.  They’re somehow made of bamboo.  I don’t know if it’s bamboo like a panda would want to snack on these or … Continue reading

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