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Military stops education program for spouses

This sounds unbelievably dumb. The U.S. Military started offering tuition benefits to spouses of service members, and then promptly had to halt the program when it proved to be incredibly popular. Tom Ricks has the right of it (as usual): … Continue reading

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Petraeus for President?

I feel kind of meh about the prospect of Gen. David Petraeus as a potential presidential candidate. This isn’t because I don’t think he could be an effective candidate — an Eisenhower figure for our time — but because I … Continue reading

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Iraq commander: Will need troops past deadline

We knew this was coming, right?  U.S. northern Iraq commander: We’ll need troops up here past August – By Tom Ricks | The Best Defense. The idea that there’s going to be a clean break from Iraq, or even that … Continue reading

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