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Let The Summer Movies Begin: The Losers

Yesterday we caught a matinee of “The Losers,” the second entry in the Early Summer Action Movie Collection (first entry: Kick-Ass). “The Losers” stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan (hereafter: “The Comedian”), Idris Elba (hereafter: “Idris Elba”), and Chris Evans (hereafter: “Captain … Continue reading

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Idris Elba aims not to be a loser

Not exactly sure what to make of this Idris Elba profile in The New York Times today. Elba, the star of “The Wire” and the movie “Obsessed,” comes off as both a focused businessman and, well, kind of a jerk. … Continue reading

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Should Tony Blair move to America?

Last Friday, we went to see The Ghost Writer. It stars Pierce Brosnan as Adam Lang, an out-of-power British Prime Minister who now lives in the world’s most desolate beach house on the American shore, with his wife, his mistress/appointments … Continue reading

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Oscar Thoughts

Whoa, Oscars, already?  I’ve barely even had time to see these movies, let alone contemplate their goodness. Best Picture: Avatar – Two questions: 1). Will I need 3-D glasses to watch James Cameron give his acceptance speech? and 2). Will … Continue reading

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The A-Team Trailer

I pity the fool who doesn’t want to see this movie with me in June: I like the update. Iraq war vets? Cool. Liam Neeson? Mind-boggling, but cool. Bradley Cooper playing Bradley Cooper in yet another movie, but this time … Continue reading

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The day after The Day After Tomorrow

Well, this sucks: An unprecedented extreme in the northern hemisphere atmospheric circulation has driven a strong direct connecting current between the Gulf Stream and the West Greenland current. The unprecedented negativity of the “Arctic Oscillation” and the strong connection of … Continue reading

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Movies of 2008

According to My Movies on IMDB, I saw 60 new-to-me movies this year.  I’m sure I’ve missed a few in there, but I usually keep pretty close track.  They range from the average to the amazing, so because I’m killing … Continue reading

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