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When is it time to resign?

I’m riveted by the drama in my own statehouse, where Governor John Kitzhaber seems to be considering (and reconsidering) whether to resign while allegations mount that his partner, Cylvia¬†Hayes, traded on her position as First Lady for personal and professional … Continue reading

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Would You Have a Beer with Chris Christie?

All of this talk about Gov. Chris Christie misses the point — and the point isn’t what he weighs, how much he won by in New Jersey, how cooperative he was, or how mean he can be. The point is … Continue reading

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Charlie Crist Should Run as a Democrat

Alert Alaska: Charlie Crist is goin’ rogue! The Florida governor is set to announce tomorrow at 5 p.m. that he’ll continue running for the U.S. Senate, but as a non-affiliated candidate, not a member of the Republican party (hat-tip: Kathy … Continue reading

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Unconstitutional Laws as a Way of Life

I find it disingenuous that Karl Rove is opposed to the recent passage of Arizona’s immigration law because there will be “some constitutional problems with the bill.” Did he not get the memo that the new GOP way of pushing … Continue reading

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Joe Biden Eulogy: Pitch Perfect

I just listened to Joe Biden’s eulogy from the funeral for the miners who died in West Virginia. It’s an old joke that VPs get dispatched to funerals, and it’s not even that accurate — Obama attended this one, too, … Continue reading

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Ben Nelson Doesn’t Care What You Think of Nebraska

Matt Yglesias makes the point today that “Ben Nelson Has Apparently Learned Nothing.” Nelson, you’ll remember, was the Democrat that last night voted against continuing debate on the Financial Regulation bill in the Senate, defeating it (for the time being) … Continue reading

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The Liberal NYT Touts GOP FinReg Recovery

The next time someone starts telling me about the liberal New York Times, I’m going to remind them that, at the moment when the financial regulation bill failed in the Senate, the ol’ NYT put up this charming front page … Continue reading

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