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Cancel this season’s Stars on Ice tickets, honey.

Oh, I guess I wasn’t going anyway. Not unless they put puppets on ice. But here’s another reason: Think Progress » Skater Johnny Weir not invited to participate in Stars on Ice because he is ‘not family friendly.’.

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Danza says class act isn’t just for show

Apparently, Tony Danza has a new reality show where he’s teaching English in a Northeast Philadelphia high school. “Teach” shows Danza teaching a daily double-session of English to a hand-picked class of students — hand-picked to be troublesome, I guess, … Continue reading

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What if Wes Anderson directed Spider-Man

Hilarity, of the mocking kind, ensues. This is only funny if you’ve seen Rushmore or The Royal Tenenbaums. The best lines? “You’ve seen my photography?” “I’ve heard great things.”

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WSJ says murder defense scene “foreshadowed” Tiger Woods scandal

File this under strings of awesome initials: STFU, WSJ. Today its Speakeasy blog, which is a reliable source of crappy commentary on popular culture, ran a piece called “A Scene in a New Swedish Film Foreshadows the Tiger Woods and … Continue reading

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Another Prius Problem

I’m hoping the NYT quoted this guy wrong in its story about the possible Prius problems: Tim Ahern, a spokesman for the environmental group the Trust for the Public Land, said he had bought a Prius for his commute from … Continue reading

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A Suggestion:

Perhaps we should send all of our bears to China. This may just be my fear talking.

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Oscar Thoughts

Whoa, Oscars, already?  I’ve barely even had time to see these movies, let alone contemplate their goodness. Best Picture: Avatar – Two questions: 1). Will I need 3-D glasses to watch James Cameron give his acceptance speech? and 2). Will … Continue reading

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A marching band (+ OK Go) brings a brighter day

At the recommendation of the good folks at ALOTT5MA, I checked out the new OK Go video that stars the Notre Dame marching band. But that undersells it: it stars the band wearing camouflage. There’s band goodness, marching goodness, and … Continue reading

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Why Leno will stay

I’m no big fan of Jay Leno, and I’m an old fan of Conan O’Brien’s, so this rumor that NBC is about to bump Conan to give Jay a softer landing back at his old desk makes me a little … Continue reading

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Charlie Sheen should be in jail, not fired

Well, Happy Christmas, Charlie Sheen is a dick. Is anyone particularly surprised by this? He’s been either a total douchebag or in the act of cleaning up his total douchbag act for most of my lifetime (and, I think, also … Continue reading

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