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But, life, what if you don’t like lemonade?

So, it’s been a rough six weeks here. There have been professional setbacks/layoffs. There has been a family emergency and some necessary, open-ended rescheduling of two major trips to which we were all looking forward. Also, I’ve been working. This … Continue reading

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500,000 Found Words

This week, I found roughly 500,000 lost words that I wrote over a 6 year period. Backstory: In 2007-2008, I had two catastrophic computer crashes on two separate machines. Shortly before my thesis was due to my adviser, my iBook … Continue reading

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Well, I’m 15 pages away from being finished with reaching the 120-page minimum for my thesis.  So that’s the progress of the day. Can someone get me a cookie?  They’re in the freezer.

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This made my writerly day

This blog from a sports-writer/blogger at the Kansas City Star about the best sports reporting day he ever had is wonderful. It made me smile quite a lot. Rulon Gardner? Olympics? It’s great, and the original story he wrote (included … Continue reading

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A book is just the beginning

There’s a short entry in the L.A. Times’s “Jacket Copy” blog (read it, it’s usually pretty good) called “The Young and the Published.”  Ben Casnocha, author of a non-fiction book called “My Start-Up Life,” starts with this: Do you have … Continue reading

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Rain, rain, write

It’s raining today, and tomorrow, and the next day.  Oregon, woo.  I’m supposed to be working on my thesis today — self-proscribed plan of re-engagement in the whole thing — but I can’t seem to get there.  The problem is … Continue reading

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Oh, sweet: I’m on strike

It’s good to know that my work stoppage is actually part of a larger, fictional movement: “Novelists Strike Fails to Affect Nation Whatsoever.”  OK, fine, I haven’t really stopped working — does this mean I’m out of the union?  And, … Continue reading

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Writing Contest

I know there are some Kelly Link fans out there.  She’s judging what looks to be an interesting (and relative inexpensive) contest: The $5 Innovative Fiction Contest is open for submissions. Our 2008 judge is fabulous (fabulist) fiction writer Kelly … Continue reading

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Good lines

I feel good today.  I got some writing done and made some writing decisions.  I’ve been reading A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley since last week, and it’s helping me clarify a few issues about voice and description.  Also had … Continue reading

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The revised list

I’ve hit the end of the term (crunch time?  do we get free Crunch bars, because I could get behind that) and I now have to revise my Personal Canon, the list of 40 or so books that are my … Continue reading

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