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Restaurant Review – Reviewing the Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges – NYTimes.com

I know the New York Times has had a new restaurant reviewer for a while now, Frank Bruni having taken his leave with an interesting memoir about his journey from eating disorder to dining critic. I admit I didn’t pay … Continue reading

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Idris Elba aims not to be a loser

Not exactly sure what to make of this Idris Elba profile in The New York Times today. Elba, the star of “The Wire” and the movie “Obsessed,” comes off as both a focused businessman and, well, kind of a jerk. … Continue reading

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Another Prius Problem

I’m hoping the NYT quoted this guy wrong in its story about the possible Prius problems: Tim Ahern, a spokesman for the environmental group the Trust for the Public Land, said he had bought a Prius for his commute from … Continue reading

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So Many Things to Be Afraid Of

After writing a bit about bears and their insatiable hunger for my possessions, I ran across even more things to be worried about, all thanks to my friends at the New York Times.  I shouldn’t read the Times, because it’s … Continue reading

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