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Utter crap from Politico: The “Rahm is leaving” rumor

Politico’s front page right now is leading with “How long will Rahm remain?” and a huge picture of the chief of staff looking speculative, pensive, mischievous, evil… whatever. The story starts like this: White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, … Continue reading

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Airport Watch Lists: Shouldn’t We Have an App for That?

The New York Times is leading right now with "breaking news" that the U.S. had information about a holiday attack before the Detroit would-be bombing: Two officials said the government had intelligence from Yemen before Friday that leaders of a … Continue reading

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Yes, I Can Be Uninspired and Still a Good Democrat

There are about five different people in my life right now who have taken it upon themselves to make me feel guilty for not being enthusiastic about supporting Barack Obama. Though they’ve all used different (but direct) tactics, their message … Continue reading

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