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“Ballers” is Better Than Nothing

I’ve been wishing someone (and not Aaron Sorkin) would bring back Sports Night for a while. There are even more cultural issues in sports, media, and the intersection to discuss than there were in the late 90s/early 2000s — or at least … Continue reading

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Hold out, Conan!

NBC has announced that Jay Leno is leaving prime time in February, and that they’re in talks to put him back in late night, right between local newscasts and a later “Tonight Show.” Apparently the hold up is Conan O’Brien, … Continue reading

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TV: Specifically, Friday Night Lights

Fans of “Friday Night Lights”: There’s some casting news that contains spoilers for next season up here. Also: does everyone in the States know about Hulu.com? Say yes. Free, legal TV, and movies, on the Internet — kind of like … Continue reading

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To TV or not to TV

In 2005, I turned off my TV for a year.  I had no cable and (despite promises of my local networks) no air-conducted television signals.  I did it partly for financial reasons and partly because I noticed I’d been using … Continue reading

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Everything’s in Tommy’s Mind

A comment on Alan Sepinwall’s blog led me to  “Tommy Westphall’s Mind — A Multiverse Explored” this evening.  Who is Tommy Westphall? Tommy Westphall was an autistic child on the TV series St Elsewhere who, it was revealed in the … Continue reading

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I love it when they mock themselves

Remember the days when you had to make your own fun when you were, say, stranded inside because of flu or bad weather or laziness (or the perfect trifecta of these that I’m experiencing)?  Thank God those days are over. … Continue reading

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It’s Not TV. It’s Even Better.

One of the advantages of being sick is plenty of time to watch TV.  So I’ve now seen a good chunk of the first season of “The Wire” and the first week of “In Treatment,” both of which are HBO … Continue reading

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