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The newest entry in the eBook Martket: Kobo, from Borders

Borders is now taking pre-orders for the Kobo e-Reader, the newest entry into the eReader market. It’s just like every eReader you’ve admired so far — except this one costs only $149. To reach that point, Kobo has cut (or … Continue reading

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Library victory: Four new mysteries, one low price

I have been reading my way, out of order, through Henning Mankell’s Wallander series, as I’ve noted elsewhere. The mysteries are a striking combination of the usual detective tome — crimes are committed and investigated — and social commentary literature, … Continue reading

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Pre-Order the New George W. Bush Disaster

I get the mass e-mails from Borders about upcoming sales. This just came through: I don’t even know what to do with this. It’s like the rumored Dick Cheney autobiography. Do I want to read it? Yes, yes, a thousand … Continue reading

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Book #1: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

The problem with blogging about mystery books, of course, is that it’s too easy to spoil them.  So I’ll try and use the handy “jump” here to make it less likely that I’ll spoil absolutely everything.  That being said, I … Continue reading

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And on the non-film front

So, 2008 wasn’t the best reading year for me.  I read quite a bit, but much of it was required (I did take that good old master’s exam in April, after all), and after that I just completely went blank … Continue reading

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Ignorance makes the heart grow fonder

No, that’s not a line about the election, though it could be.  Today I’m finishing David McCollough’s masterful biography, John Adams.  I have found the book almost wholly captivating, particularly in the interactions between characters — PEOPLE — that aren’t … Continue reading

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Communicating My Sentiments To Your Excellency

It seems like I’ve been quiet, but that’s not entirely true.  The trip to Kansas took me out of my usual routines, mostly for the better.  I spent a lot of time hanging out with my immediate family and a … Continue reading

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Readings of the week

Finished (finally) Fiasco by Tom Ricks, and yeah, it’s just as depressing and just as well-done as you’ve heard.  Guess what?  The Iraq war is going badly.  It’s been going badly from Day One!  It’s been going badly since before … Continue reading

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The non-fiction brigade, apparently.

Over the weekend, while traveling, I read Mohammad Yunus’s book Banker to the Poor. It’s about, roughly, how he grew up and started the Grameen Bank.  Grameen gives very small loans to very poor individuals, mostly women, with no collateral, … Continue reading

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Reading, watching, listening

Just a list, so I can remember later.  What I’ve read, seen, and listened to lately, other than the NCAA tourney.

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