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Negative Book Review Prompts Libel Suit

This is troublesome. “Libel Case, Prompted by an Academic Book Review, Has Scholars Worried” via The Chronicle of Higher Education: [I]t came as a shock to journal editors to learn that one of their own, Joseph H.H. Weiler, editor of … Continue reading

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National Internet Radio

I’m forming a theory. It goes something like this: The Internet saved NPR. I listen to a bit more NPR right now than I have in years, and I’ve been struck by the number of times the reporters and anchors … Continue reading

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The Paterson story we’ve all been waiting for sucks

You know that feeling you get when you ask for a pony for Christmas, and instead you get, say, one these? That’s a bit how I — and, I would guess, the chattering class of New York politicos — feel … Continue reading

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WSJ says murder defense scene “foreshadowed” Tiger Woods scandal

File this under strings of awesome initials: STFU, WSJ. Today its Speakeasy blog, which is a reliable source of crappy commentary on popular culture, ran a piece called “A Scene in a New Swedish Film Foreshadows the Tiger Woods and … Continue reading

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Airport Watch Lists: Shouldn’t We Have an App for That?

The New York Times is leading right now with "breaking news" that the U.S. had information about a holiday attack before the Detroit would-be bombing: Two officials said the government had intelligence from Yemen before Friday that leaders of a … Continue reading

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Hurricane + Bear = Comedy

I have no fear of hurricanes.  This is because I live far away from the Gulf, and because, having grown up in a land of tornadoes, where you get maybe 30 minutes’ warning that a big storm is coming, having … Continue reading

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Gossip blogs, forgive me

Wow.  So the rumor about John Edwards having an affair, and possibly having a child with his mistress, has been kicking around on the Web for weeks.  The original source on the story was The National Enquirer, a publication I … Continue reading

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