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Negative Book Review Prompts Libel Suit

This is troublesome. “Libel Case, Prompted by an Academic Book Review, Has Scholars Worried” via The Chronicle of Higher Education: [I]t came as a shock to journal editors to learn that one of their own, Joseph H.H. Weiler, editor of … Continue reading

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National Internet Radio

I’m forming a theory. It goes something like this: The Internet saved NPR. I listen to a bit more NPR right now than I have in years, and I’ve been struck by the number of times the reporters and anchors … Continue reading

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The Paterson story we’ve all been waiting for sucks

You know that feeling you get when you ask for a pony for Christmas, and instead you get, say, one these? That’s a bit how I — and, I would guess, the chattering class of New York politicos — feel … Continue reading

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WSJ says murder defense scene “foreshadowed” Tiger Woods scandal

File this under strings of awesome initials: STFU, WSJ. Today its Speakeasy blog, which is a reliable source of crappy commentary on popular culture, ran a piece called “A Scene in a New Swedish Film Foreshadows the Tiger Woods and … Continue reading

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Airport Watch Lists: Shouldn’t We Have an App for That?

The New York Times is leading right now with "breaking news" that the U.S. had information about a holiday attack before the Detroit would-be bombing: Two officials said the government had intelligence from Yemen before Friday that leaders of a … Continue reading

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Hurricane + Bear = Comedy

I have no fear of hurricanes.  This is because I live far away from the Gulf, and because, having grown up in a land of tornadoes, where you get maybe 30 minutes’ warning that a big storm is coming, having … Continue reading

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Gossip blogs, forgive me

Wow.  So the rumor about John Edwards having an affair, and possibly having a child with his mistress, has been kicking around on the Web for weeks.  The original source on the story was The National Enquirer, a publication I … Continue reading

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The slippery slope of showing skin

OH MY GOD!! It’s the SLIPPERY SLOPE OF MALE NUDITY! Quick, button those blazers, gentlemen, or soon you, too, could be MARRIED to Posh Spice! Continue reading

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So Many Things to Be Afraid Of

After writing a bit about bears and their insatiable hunger for my possessions, I ran across even more things to be worried about, all thanks to my friends at the New York Times.  I shouldn’t read the Times, because it’s … Continue reading

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Irrational Fears that Really Aren’t Irrational

Terrible Mother asked last week what irrational fears we might have, and I’m feeling a little need to defend my own NOT AT ALL IRRATIONAL fear of bears.  This is a current fear but it’s showing some staying power. Here … Continue reading

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