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Music in review: Ben Folds on “Mess”

Roby was looking for new music last night, and I was playing with Grooveshark. Somehow, making a small Flaming Lips test list led me to making a much larger Ben Folds playlist, and I found a few iTunes “exclusive” interview … Continue reading

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A marching band (+ OK Go) brings a brighter day

At the recommendation of the good folks at ALOTT5MA, I checked out the new OK Go video that stars the Notre Dame marching band. But that undersells it: it stars the band wearing camouflage. There’s band goodness, marching goodness, and … Continue reading

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Ben Folds takes one for Team Me

I can tell that I’m worried or anxious about something by the quality of the music I’m listening to.  Happy with life?  A constant cycle of hair-rending indie sob stories will fill my iPod.  If I’m worried about pending assignments … Continue reading

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Lucinda Williams’ West

Many things got me through my master’s exam.  Caffeine probably tops the list, and Tower Defense fits in there somewhere, too, as does Bernard Malmud.  But the music that helped me survive was the Rolling Stones song “Gimme Shelter” and … Continue reading

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Reading, watching, listening

Just a list, so I can remember later.  What I’ve read, seen, and listened to lately, other than the NCAA tourney.

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Stars for Cutie

I love hearing that one band I like likes another band I love.  Over at The Onion A.V. Club, Torquil Campbell of Stars talks about five songs off his iPod, one of which is Death Cab for Cutie’s “Summer Skin.” … Continue reading

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Jonathan Coulton folks

He’s interviewed/featured today at Yahoo!’s People of the Web.  The video even has my favorite, “Skullcrusher Mountain,” playing briefly in the background. Yes, “even my henchmen think I’m crazy… “

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In other words, hold my hand

Lots of stuff is making unhappy of late, but today I am most disappointed that I’ve managed to erase or otherwise misplace my .mp3 of Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon.” I’m sure it’s on the big computer, but … Continue reading

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Coconut Records makes me miss the Good Old Days

I buy most of my music through iTunes, these days, for a few reasons.  One, it’s quick and easy.  Two, it means there’s no exchange of plastic cases or paper liners or the actual, soon-to-be-scratched-up CD that was carried on … Continue reading

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It’s Official: I’m the NPR Generation.

I’m not a concert-goer by disposition — I don’t like the crowd aspect of a concert, particularly for lesser known artists. It bothers the introvert in me to be surrounded by strangers who assume an intimacy based on a shared … Continue reading

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