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500,000 Found Words

This week, I found roughly 500,000 lost words that I wrote over a 6 year period. Backstory: In 2007-2008, I had two catastrophic computer crashes on two separate machines. Shortly before my thesis was due to my adviser, my iBook … Continue reading

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Would you pay for Hulu?

Interesting article and and accompanying blog piece at The New York Times today: Hulu has now been profitable for two quarters, thanks to ad revenue. That’s the good news. The bad news, apparently, is that the ad revenue hasn’t been … Continue reading

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National Internet Radio

I’m forming a theory. It goes something like this: The Internet saved NPR. I listen to a bit more NPR right now than I have in years, and I’ve been struck by the number of times the reporters and anchors … Continue reading

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Tech madness

I love gadgets.  A quick look around my house or into my backpack would tell you this.  I’m always lusting after some new toy, and among my friends, I’m probably the most likely to have the newest shiny object (or … Continue reading

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Oh, buyer’s remorse

So I bought the new computer.  It’s lovely, the screen is brilliantly bright, it runs faster than my desktop (it is, actually, faster than my desktop), the hard drive has space for everything I could think of, and… I am … Continue reading

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