Firms Paid TV’s Tech Gurus to Promote Their Products” from Howard Kurtz at the Post.

I can’t say as I’m surprised — I often feel like morning television shows are like extended infomercials with sporadic breaks for news, a feeling that’s fed by the fact that the news person is often kept separate from the rest of the anchors — but I’m still saddened. The fact that the guy is saying he never actively promoted technology on the “Today” show doesn’t fly for me; obviously he was going to say the nicest things possible, so that the sponsors would later ask him to tour around and promote their things. I think the link to Apple makes me saddest.

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2 Responses to Mini-boom

  1. gotmce99 says:

    BLECH!! Thank you for sharing…

  2. kepkanation says:

    It makes me happy that I never get up early enough to watch people plugging crap on the morning shows, heh.

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