I can only wonder at what Clive Cussler is angry about.

Hm, what do I have to show for my evening? I went to see Sahara, which, as movies go, won’t be winning any awards, but it was a dizzying array of special effects — OK, mostly the effects were special because they happened around Matthew McConaughey, and sometimes around William H. Macy — and stupid guy jokes, and it kept me pleasantly distracted for two hours.

Bought ice cream at the store, because it’s cheaper, but then I was at the store and ended up with a crapload of stuff I didn’t need. Who needs frozen creamed corn? Apparently, I do. And then I watched the least satisfying “C.S.I.” ever, not saying more in case anyone hasn’t yet seen it, and then I did my homework. No irebombing, I swear. Please, CIA, stop watching me.

And finally, I really think I will buy the first Nancy Drew graphic novel when I see one.

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